Wednesday, May 17, 2006

so i lied...

okay, i thought i was gonna stop but maybe i'm addicted to blogging or something. I was thinking today about books that i dive into and can't put down. I'm reading "The Prophet of Zongo Street" right now. It's written by a guy from Ghana and the stories are about the immigrant experience and he's Muslim although the stories aren't about Islam so to say. They are good stories but it's not affecting me the way Indian or Pakistani stories of the immigrant experience do. Is this because i know so many Indians/Pakistani's and am sort of in that community a tiny bit? Am i an immigrant myself? I don't hang out with a lot of desi's but i totally get what the stories and novels about the immigrant experience are saying. "Arranged Marriage" - a collection of stories from an Indian lady really got me. I flew through that book and was very sad when it ended. Maybe it's because one is male and the other is female and that's what i really *get* it but i swear i could relate to every story in "Arranged Marriage" and some other desi novels. Maybe I am an immigrant myself and that's why i relate to them so well...hmmm.


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