Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Strange parenting

I was told the other day these two things from one of my neighbors (the one that says i'm going to hell since i'm not christian):

1. I weaned my daughter because i want to drink alcohol. I really like to drink and i miss it.

2. We intentionally made the carseat loose because we didn't want it to dent the seats in our car.

Anyway, i don't have much to say over here. I've been thinking about stopping blogging. I had fun with but after the whole kosher post argument i just got irritated and haven't really felt like blogging since. It's funny that one of the people who told me how haram i was being posted soon after about how great music is. Funny that people are quick to point out other people's "haram" behavior and use a scholar to validate their point but when it comes to their own haram behavior, they justify what they are doing even though the same scholar they used before says their thing is haram. I'm just tired of being analyzed and all.

My priorities in life have changed too and it seems the only thing i have to talk about lately is my son and my real/personal life and i don't post too much of that stuff on here. I guess i've just gotten boring blog-wise. Life, on the other hand is exciting.

I thought i could make some Muslim friends through blogging and have but i kind of want to know more people in real life so am making an effort that way. I've joined a MOMS group, i'm getting to know one of my neighbors who has a young baby and with whom i've hit it off pretty well with.

When i logged into blogger i didn't know i was writing a farewell post but i guess that's what this is. If any of you all want to correspond in email, my addy is off to the right, otherwise, happy trails.

Then again, i may change my mind and post again. God only knows.


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