Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good weekend

Saturday we went to Athens, a small college town here. Fun. They had a human rights festival going on which was pretty cool. Had a creole lunch with shrimp that burnt my mouth so i overtook my hubby's meal which was delish. I saw a guy outside a cafe there eating a yummy mean looking meatloaf and mac and cheese and have had a craving for it since. It's in the oven now. Can't wait! Athens is different than Boulder (Colorado's college town). In Boulder there was granola hippies which i love and i guess am sort of that way but in Athens it's redneck hippies dressed like the 70's. To see someone dressed hippish but talking like a hick, well it's just strange. Funny though. Great people watching there. And Little Dude took part in his first activist "demonstration". Like mother like son ;-).

Sunday was brunch at the Ritz Carlton. Nice swanky brunch. Great food, great people, perfect day. That had to be the swankiest bathroom Little Dude has eaten in. Actual towels instead of paper towels. I ate myself into oblivion. I don't think i've ever enjoyed food so much. Choosing dessert(s) was a serious challenge. If it was only dh and i instead of a bunch of people, i would have had one of each i swear but i limited myself to 2 plus some truffles (like 5). I never eat like that. Heck, i don't usually even eat until i'm full. Absolutely delish!


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