Thursday, May 25, 2006


I get so frustrated sometimes with book reviews - mostly when i have to read a really bad book. I once read a "Muslim" fiction book that i really loved. I put quotes around Muslim because most the Muslims i know thought the book was about a bad Muslim. I still think that a Muslim make. Anyhow, now i have an opinion about the Muslim who wrote the book too and am thinking she's not so Muslim after all - or maybe she is. I don't know any Muslims that write this kind of filth though. She has come out with a new book and i jumped on getting assigned the review for it. I was excited to read a new book by this great author. I should have just shot myself in the foot because this always happens. I see a book by a Muslim and i try to get it reviewed so we can get out there in the mainstream and every time i offer to do the review i end up trashing the book. I'm about to do it again. I am having such a hard time writing this review. Oh wait, that's not exactly true because i haven't started writing it yet because i can't get past page 50. It's like having teeth pulled but worse. The poor book cover is torn from me throwing it across the room. Hands down, this is the worst book i've ever read. Why oh why did i volunteer for this one?


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