Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yep, I'm talking about my neighbor again. I tell you - she drives me crazy! Since Little Dude was born and her child was born (a month and a half before him) she has been trying to compete. Every phone call or visit consisted of questioning me about LD's milestones. Her daughter was hitting every milestone right on time or before while my LD was a late bloomer. Most geniuses are. :-) Anyhow, it's always been a competition and i don't get it. I always figured since he laughs a lot and is always happy and very affectionate everything is just fine. Her daughter doesn't quite seem happy and i rarely see her smile. Maybe it's all that pressure. My point is this though - no matter how great your kid is, I will always think mine is better. And no matter how great my kid is, you will always think yours is better. That's the way it works. That's why we take care of and love our own children. There's no point in competing. Besides, my kid really is the best one so you can't even come close. ;-)

It's driving her crazy that LD is now standing (if he is holding onto something) and that he says mommom. I didn't tell her that this weekend after seeing dogs close up for the first time that he loved them so much that he was calling them mommom. I thought he always meant milk, but now i see he means "i want". Mommom/Mamma and Baba are the only clear words he says where the meaning is clear - outstretched arms with the word. She also doesn't think it's fair that he kisses and hugs me. I never marked my guy by milestones. As long as he is happy and doing something different every so often, i figure he's developing. And given that people stop me all the time, even if i'm talking to someone, to tell me how cute he is and what a big personality he has, i figure we are doing just fine. Going out with him is like going out with a rock star. All the crowd wants is a little smile sent their way.


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