Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The perfect weekend

Summary of the long weekend:

1. Went to a couple's bbq at their lake house. Wow. How nice to have a house on a couple acres of land nestled up on a lake. Most of their friends are not American. In fact, i think i was the only born American except for them. For a moment, hearing various accents chatting away, i believed myself to be on Lake Como (in Italy).

2. Made the chai cupcakes found on Um Mahtab's blog (Those Days). Yummmmmmmmeeeeee!

3. Went to a friends dinner party and my Little Dude army crawled and is now very close to being a speed demon. Time to finish baby proofing! Yikes, he's fast.

4. Went outlet shopping and found the perfect pair of pants for hotLanta's steaming summer from Banana Republic.

5. Went to the park and let the Little Dude watch the dogs. This kid loves loves loves dogs. He was terrified of them as a baby but now as a brave kid, he just loves them. He sees one and he starts babbling away excited, kicks his legs, and laughs serious belly laughs. It's crazy how much he loves dogs. It cracks us up. Which brings me to the next thing. He now shakes his head no for everything.

6. The best thing of the weekend though was when we were on our way home from the park and my phone rang. There was a desi on the phone and he asks for x x - my husband's name. I say "excuse me?" and then i think it's one of dh's friends who is a funny guy but then i realize it's my phone and he doesn't have my number. The guy then says "Who am i speaking with?" I say, "Who's this?" not wanting to give out information. He says "x x" - my husband's name. How weird is that? Then he tells me i've been sending him pictures of a little baby. :-( I hate that these pictures went out. But perhaps the funniest thing was when he said "...and today i received another one. Of a shoe?" He said shoe with a question as in "why on earth would anyone send a picture of a shoe." As soon as i hung up i started cracking up because earlier when we were shopping for shoes for my husband i had seen these mack daddy/pimp looking yellow alligator skin shoes in a regular shoe store and talked my husband into trying them on for me so he reluctantly did and i took a picture with my camera phone. These shoes were freaky but not uncommon here in Atlanta - they were super long with pointed toes like elf shoes. The shoes were $100 on clearance - eek. There are stores here with suits that are straight out of Spike Lee movies you know the ones - polyester and light blue. This is a bling bling ghetto fabulous sort of city. I don't mean that in a racist sort of way but what else do you call it? We saw one store here that sold all polyester suits in bright colors and animal prints with hat and shoes to match. I've seen the guys wearing them too - cane and all. I didn't know that the old school look like that still existed until i lived here.

I still hear that guy asking "And today i got one of a shoe?" - He must have thought we were nuts. And when he heard my American name married to a man with his name he must have gotten so confused. He probably wanted to do the ole "six degrees of pakistan" - find out how we are related. Ever notice how Pakistani's do that? They'll have a conversation to figure out how they know someone who knows the other.


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