Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Giraffe on my back.

My little guy is so big and heavy and there just aren't carriers for this size that i like so a friend (can i call internet friends friends?) told me about this website.

I didn't want to spend $130 dollars to buy one in case little dude (or me) didn't like it so i went and bought clearance fabric (plain ole black) and made one myself (all you have to do is slice it in thirds which gives you three of them so i got 3 wraps for $5.

I'm practicing putting him in, well actually his giraffe stuffed animal. I'll wait till DH can help me before i practice with little dude. Watching these videos make it look hard but i figure if i learned how to wear a sari, i could learn this.

I'm hoping it works out well. Okay, i think i'm all posted out. Three posts in one day. When does that happen? When little dude takes a good long morning nap. Wooo hooooooo.


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