Friday, July 07, 2006

Real People

I was sent a book to review last summer right before i had Little Dude and i didn't have time to read it and review it. Well i finally read it and wish i would have reviewed because more people need to read this book (especially those who still support the war). The book is Love My Rifle More Than You. Happy title isn't it? Well anyway, this is the second book i've read from a soldier (the other one is My War. and it's good to read too) and both tell the same story essentially. These guys are idiots and killing innocent people. But worse than this is this statement from the book: (she says this statement after saying that they met some American kids there to help)

"We were stoked. We hadn't seen real people in forever."

Do take into consideration the fact that this girl speaks Arabic and has Arab friends as well dated a Palestinian for two years (prir to her joining the military). Iraqi's aren't "real people"? No wonder they have no problem killing them. Some of the guys kill the kids saying "well if they aren't terrorists now, they will be later" insinuating all iraqi's are terrorists "so kill em all." This is why i hate living in the US. Our tax dollars fund this behavior and is being used to teach hatred. I don't want to be American anymore. Islamic countries are no better especially as a shia. Europe would be just as bad as here, maybe worse in the racism department. Iceland sounds pretty good but um, what do you do there? I really want to move to Canada. It seems the best option. Anyway, that's my rant for the day since no one seemed to like my post about last weekend. Plooey.

One thing good about these books is that it lets us know what's really happening over there...somewhat anyway...more than what the talking heads give us.


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