Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Husband love

Today i got my order from Al-Khoei book store:

1. Honouring Allah's Saints by Yaqoob Jafri. This is to clear up some questions i have. A good friend recommended it and someone who is very much like me in religious thinking.
2. Principles of Marriage Family Ethics by Ibrahim Amini - to keep my marriage peaceful.
3. The Islamic Family Structure by Husayn Ansarian - I've been wanting this one for a long time.

I love books. I titled this post "Husband love" because my husband never harasses me about my books and the fact that i have about 25 that i haven't read but i still buy new ones anyway (and read them before the others too). For Valentines Day he got me a gift card for - talk about a good present! So far I used it to get:

1. Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf
2. Motherhood in Islam by Alieah Schleifer
3. If I Should Speak by UmmZakiyah (excellent by the way!)

What I'm ordering next:

1. A Voice, the sequel to "If I should Speak" from above
2. Islamic Parenting in the West
3. The Child in Islam
4. a Rice Maker - that's for him cause i don't like rice unless it's fried or biryani...but plain? Yeacht.

I borrowed the two islamic parenting books from the library and really liked them but wasn't able to finish either. The only way i can finish a book lately is buying it. Sigh. And how cool is that if you spend $25 you usually don't have to pay for shipping! I hate paying for shipping. Call me cheap but i do. So what should i get next? I could get something besides books since Amazon has just about everything, but why.


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