Monday, July 17, 2006


That's the only word that comes to mind since all this craziness started. I'm frustrated that Muslims are so divided that they don't aid their neigbor and brothers. I shouldn't be surprised since the same thing happened the last time but still, this go around, i'm Muslim and i know how Muslims are supposed to act. Instead of fighting one another and highlighting the petty differences between one another, they should be fighting the enemies of Islam (read as "those who are actively killing off Muslims". I pray Hezbollah is victorious.

I am curious as to why Israel chose this moment in time to attack and i have my own theory. I thought back to what was happening right before this all started. I thought of the 2 Lebanese men that were arrested for planning to blow up the Manhattan tunnel and how they didn't know who else was involved because there was a leak about it so the others didn't get caught. I think hmmm, they were Lebanese.

(begin George Bush and Cheney stream of consciousness thinking)

Who are "terrorists" (disclaimer: i certainly don't consider them terrorists, i consider them humanists) in Lebanon? Ah, Hezbollah. Yes, they must be part of Hezbollah. Well we better root them out and get them. But how can we do that when we are already overextended in Iraq and my ratings are so dang low, we just can't do it. Ah, wait, Israel also hates the Lebanese. Well all Arabs really. They would like a little more ocean front property (again) so why not ask Israel to do this dirty work for us. After all, they thoroughly enjoy killing Arabs so much, it wouldn't even be considered a favor and we will owe them nothing. Really, what else can we give them. God bless America.

(i will probably get flamed for posting this but i'm okay with that...bring it on. If there are still people out there that think Israel is on the defence go take a history course.)

I'm also frustrated that Bushie and co. is actually saying that Hezbollah fired rockets first. What the heck is that all about? He's the only one saying that. Well, and some people on Fox News.


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