Wednesday, July 19, 2006

and on a lighter note...

Can i say my Little Dude is the coolest and he just proved his pakistani-ness today. Lately he wants whatever i'm eating. I can't eat anything without him getting a bite or at least him thinking he's getting a bite when really he's getting something different. Anyway, i was eating this spicy tortilla soup and he's begging for some so i give in and think he'll take a taste and retreat. Nope. He ate it up! And then wanted more. That's my boy! We eat some spicy food in this house and he's no different.

And the uncool thing of the day is that the air conditioner broke again. Just last week there was someone here to fix it - they spend 8 hours here and obviously didn't. It sounds like a helicopter is over my head the compresser is so loud. Upstairs is scorching.


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