Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm back

So we went to New Jersey for 5 days and i have to admit, i really like it. The cons are what i expected - houses are priced sky high, especially in the area dh would be working and the weather in the winter is sure to be cold, but otherwise, there are many things i liked: nice little parks and a lot of them, lots of places to walk to, small towny feel though close to major cities, the greenery and landscape is nice too and an extra bonus is that we met a wonderful family that we have a lot in common with there. I also got to meet an internet friend who i've "known" for two years in person as well as her family. Basically there are four families there that we already know in the general area so it's not like we would be there all alone like it was here for me. I'm so tired from the trip though. It's tough to travel with a little person who has his own ideas of what he wants to do which basically involves motion and not sitting still. He just wasn't cooperating but it's totally understandable. Poor little dude is happy to be home. Oh, i can't leave out the miserable part of the trip:

We got on the plane at 12:18 only to almost reach New Jersey but they wouldn't let us land because of the weather so we circled the city for two hours until we ran out of gas, landed in Baltimore for gas not allowed to get off the plane and took off again only to circle the city for another two hours unable to land. They run out of gas again and land to refuel. We didn't get there until 8:30 at night. It was supposed to be an hour and a half flight. Little Dude did not appreciate this. He did amazingly well though and didn't even cry. Just fussed. Who could blame him. Everyone was irritable. I especially liked the old Jewish lady on her cell phone while refueling the second time "I'll cwawll you when we land." in a seriously strong Jewish accent. She was funny. My head was still spinning in a counter clockwise direction for a couple hours after getting off the plane. That second time around, they really should have gone clockwise to balance things out.

I didn't get my computer replaced yet. They got me again! But me and this trusty magnet that i just bought should do the trick. Sianara laptop. I just need to get a few articles written and then it's toast.

Lebanon is really getting to me. I can't believe no one anywhere is doing anything about it. Humanity is becoming an oxymoron. I get so frustrated. It's so clear who is wrong in this to anyone with half, well okay, a quarter of a mind. It reminds me of the hadith that says toward the end of time, evil will appear as good and good will appear as evil. That about sums it up for me.


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