Thursday, July 20, 2006

Persistence pays off

So my computer has been giving me serious hard drive problems again and is on the brink and the people who told me i'd be covered for a replacement under the lemon law and for having an extended warranty said to me "i never heard of the lemon law before" and acted all dumb about it. I got mad. Real mad. I'm already irritable because of the Lebanon ordeal. I actually cried about it last night because i feel so helpless and shameful of mankind for acting like this towards other human beings. It just makes me sick. Anyhow, with all the anger, aggression, feeling of frustration i went off on the poor CompUSA people. I spoke to 8 people and got angry with each and every one because they kept passing me around to each other. I spoke to each "higher up" twice and by the eighth transfer i was irate. It paid off. I will not only get a replacement but a better one than the one i have now. But, i have to wait a week for them to make sure this one is really faulty. Whatever. I'll be getting a brand spanking new one next week inshAllah. Until then i'll be offline because this thing doesn't work for more than five minutes. I can't believe it's been so problematic and it's only two and a half years old. I paid over $1,500 for it. So salaams until then.


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