Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bread and Butter and a Bag

(that's the heel which is never eaten with regular bread but gobbled up with this bread....if that says anything!)

I have been on the hunt for a good non-bread machine recipe and have found a few so far i like. I'm still trying more out but here are two that i've really enjoyed.

The first one is Soulemama's Who Bread (Acoustic Style - that's without a machine) and the other is Beauty that Moves Almost Sandwich Bread. I want to try Blue Yonder's but haven't yet.
Soulemama's is really good for snack bread. LD eats this up with honey. I do one thing different and that is I add dates. I love dates in bread and this one just asks for it.

Beauty that Moves is good for sandwich bread except LD doesn't like it so i need to figure out a way to make it a little lighter for him.

Both are great bases to build with. That Silly Girl also posted some great info on bread.

Butter was next on my list and who knew how easy it was to make. Delish!

Since I've been making bread regularly for a few months now I realized i needed a bread bag. I thought to embroider one and make it all fancy smancy but i needed to make something yesterday quick. It was midnight after all. So, i was digging through my linens and happened upon a great quality vintage linen tablerunner that i thought i'd use for something but hated it whole. I quickly, as in five minutes quick, stitched up the sides and then cuffed it over and threaded some vintage bias tape sewn shut through the loops and voila, finished.

Five minutes and i'm thrilled with it. I'm not even worried about the stain it has. It is such nice linen. Thick and slick. I had put buttons on the ends of the bias tape. Big mustard yellow vintage ones but decided it was too much. It is a bread bag after all. No reason to make it something it's not. This morning i ran into this giveaway by Apron Memories. How perfect did all that work together???


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