Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another question...

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I scored this at a garage sale of all places a year ago. I really want to make cards, mostly eid ones and some other personalized things. I also love how you can print on wood, fabric, etc.

I bought it for a whopping $20. That'll never happen again. These things are selling these around $200 because they no longer make them and when they did it was in Japan. So, if i do in fact get rid of it, i'll probably never get it again. Here's the thing. If i haven't used it in a year, i probably won't use it for a few more. You need space to make the cards so they can dry. I have little ones. It ain't happening anytime soon.

I'm cleaning out my space can you tell? So. Keep it or sell it? I really want to keep it but i just don't think i'll get around to using it anytime soon and when i do the supplies (lightbulbs and ink etc) will probably be really hard to find. That's the negative. The positive is how fun it would be to make cards!


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