Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boston it was!

So many of you knew! We had a good, exhausting, hot time. I'm beginning to think it's summer! It's in the 90's again today. I would have some very nice pictures if 1) my husband didn't put the camera where it could fall out of the stroller and 2) i didn't kick something plasticy/metally sounding on the ground and not look to see what it was assuming it couldn't be ours because I secure everything.

That was the bad part but the rest was all good. BG had a tough time, LD gained some serious stubborness. He came back with an attitude of "no, you listen to me lady" and leaving the house after i say no going outside until BG and me were ready. YES. Leaving the house on his own. You better believe that was a violation. It's a bit hard to chase down a 3 year old in your pajamas holding a baby. Not fun. I wish we could have fences in our neighborhood.

He thinks he's the man of the house now. On another note, he saw my empty water cup upstairs next to the bed so brought it down, pushed a chair to the counter and filled it up with the water pitcher, and brought it back upstairs (spilling the whole way i might add) to me without me asking. Sweet. And he now says "my sister is beautiful. And you are too." This age seems to be one of serious ups and downs/high points and low points. It's going to be an interesting summer.


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