Friday, January 02, 2009


A Year of Mornings 41
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I'm wiped out. Sick too. LD got everyone sick except the baby thank God. He's been picking at me a lot too. I thought he was taking the baby well but the last few days he picks on me. No one else, just me. I imagine partly because i'm trying to not let him even breathe on her much because his cough is so bad and i just dread baby getting sick this young but i also think he's competing for attention. Sigh. Can't please everyone or anyone these days.

I'm just annoyed that people send their sick kids off into the world to spread their germs. Drives me nuts. All right that's all i got. Back to wallowing in germland. On a high note, i'm totally getting caught up on movies. I've increased my netflix, rated a ton of movies and am working on that queue. Someone loaned us a portable dvd player and it's perfect for nursing and for hiding out in general.


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