Monday, January 05, 2009

an hour in the life of us

LD throws a major fit and takes a mop and swipes the counter clean with it on purpose to get attention. Grrrr. It was a lot of stuff. Imagine two weeks of clutter buildup. I clean up huge mess and send him to naughty rug. He refuses to go. I put him in naughty crib/jail. He cries and wants milk and a blanket. I go talk with him and send him up to bed. Hubby is at work. I let LD play with my hair to go to sleep (this is his habit) and i have the little one nursing on the other side. I think about the half done order on my computer (first time online grocery shopping) and how i really should have worked harder to get LD out of my bed sooner and into his own. My cell phone rings, i unhook baby, get phone, rehook up baby, see it's my friend from india who just returned, i don't answer because i want to get the kid(s)-1 out of 2 wouldn't be bad- asleep first. Home phone rings. MIL comes up stairs with home phone and says "your friend is on the phone". I say "can you tell her i'll call her back in a minute" she says "she wants to know if she can come over in an hour", i think of the mess of a house downstairs and having absolutely nothing to serve and say "i don't think so but just tell her i'll call her back in a few minutes" "Should she come today?" "no momma, just tell her i'll call her later." We settle back in then LD complains that baby is eating too loud and stopping him from sleeping while she complains about his loud talking by grunting. Finally LD falls asleep and i untangle his hand from my hair, get baby girl sleeping and pass her to dada while i finish grocery shopping.

The good news is that i was able grocery shop in my pajamas (these days i often don't around to changing until 2 or so in the afternoon). I'm just bursting at the seams of productivity around here. Task at hand today: laundry. Eek.


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