Thursday, January 25, 2007

No man escapes alive...

or at least without getting extremely ill. My poor hubby now has the virus and both my guys are sleeping while I'm trying to read a horrid book (good book but horrid for me to read). I really hate reveiewing books sometimes. I also said I was going to slow down because of time but I have such low self esteem (only in the case of writing have you) that I accepted a new assignment yesterday and the new book is nearly 400 pages. At least I'll be interested in this one since it's Japanese lit and I tend to like anything "ethnic" so I should at least want to read it unlike the one I'm reviewing now which I have a hard time of even picking up let alone opening the cover. It's all about race, not something I like in fiction. In non-fiction perhaps, but in fiction, no. I need a little escapism, otherwise it wouldn't be fiction. The trouble is I have a hard time turning down an assignment because I'm afraid I'm not going to get another and I'll die a starving artist, okay, not quite, but still that's why I accepted this annoying book - although many would probably like it. Writing means something to me and I admit I like my name in print, even if it's not my own book, but insh'Allah one day it will be. So even though my inlaws are coming in Sunday and i need to finish this horrid book (260 pages left) by then so I can write up the review, as well as take care of my kiddos (yes, hubby entered this category today :-) That means I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight. Now if I could only read more than two pages at a time that would be something. I have approximately an hour left to read until LD wakes up, unless I find some dishes to do or the mountain of laundry - trust me it's Rocky Mountain size, not Georgia Smoky Mountain size.


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