Monday, January 15, 2007


- I am caught up on yucky work-like stuff.
- I crocheted my first hat today...i should say i did two. One that i totally messed up and one way cool one.
- I read about knitting and am going to dive in tomorrow while LD is napping. I think I like crocheting better but I also want to be able to make socks and sweaters via knitting.
- I started a book that I just don't know what to think about it. I have to review it so I have to finish it. It's about race and is already heavy. Thank God, this is my last assignment for a while. I'm burned out on having LD's naps being used up by work stuff. That's my only free time and I'm intensely protective of it. I don't answer the phone if it's in a place that won't wake him up and I don't like people dropping by during that time or I get grumpy. I want that time for myself again.
- I am still perturbed by the air/heating guys that came to fix my heat the other day. It didn't help that they came during said naptime so i was ready to rumble. They came, told me that the heater was broken (duh) and that it would be a service fee of $79.99 but that they didn't fix it. They said it was completely broken and needed replacing blah blah blah. I said, okay, i'll call the home warranty people. It was freezing in here for two days - of course the two coldest days this year - and i was so busy trying to get all my stuff done and really didn't have time to deal with it. Before they left, at the last moment i asked the one to show me exactly what was broken so I could show the home warranty people if i needed to. We went downstairs and then he told me he had turned off the heat and needed to turn it back on to show me. I thought to myself "why did he leave the heat off?" When i went back upstairs the heat was working fine. Jack- arse. With a kid in the house you'd think they'd be helpful instead of leaving you freezing when they know perfectly well they got the heat working but wanted to make a buck instead. I'm sure they work on commission for sales because every time they come for the seasonal maintenance they always suggest an upgrade and/or other products. Mean people suck. If there's one thing I hate, it's mean people. Mind you, i didn't pay the fee and gave their manager a nice reaming over the phone. Don't mess with me when i'm stressed and when my guy is sleeping and i've got a million things to do.
- LD took quite the tumble when going for our daily walk. He saw a dog at the end of the street and went running for him, too fast and took a dive into the street. He loves dogs. He always has and he's always chased them. He's got a huge road burn on his forehead now. Poor kid. Hasn't been his normal hyper self the rest of the day. I can't even bear to look at him because I just want to rush him to the hospital/doctor even though I know what they'd say.
- Speaking of toddlerhood, LD has really learned to carry his weight around the house. He saw me sweeping his peas off the floor today and totally helped out by throwing his mac and cheese on the floor. Wasn't that thoughtful of him?
- and on that note...I gave up feeding LD fish sticks, even though we buy him the absolute best ones and decided to go ahead and heat some up myself to finish them off because they are bugging me sitting in the freezer doing absolutely nothing. As soon as I sit down to eat them, guess who wanted them and ate all three of them even though when he used to like them he only ate one. Sigh. I got to eat his food while he ate mine. Is he trying to drive me nuts or do toddlers just do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do?
- And perhaps the thing that's most on my mind today is a lady down the street who just retired. Most of the wives in my neighborhood are teachers. There really is a large amount of them - kind of freaky in a way. The two best mom friends I have are both ex-teachers. Anyway, this lady retired a few months ago after teaching for 37 years. A month later she found out she has stage 4 lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. How bad does that suck? She was so looking forward to her retirement. It just makes me feel awful. She's such a nice lady. Sometimes I question God's choices...not question per say but wonder why. I have to rationalize everything so i end up theorizing a lot of things.

That's what i've been doing today.


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