Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In a funk...

I've been in a funk for quite a few days. Since i don't post much personal stuff, I'll just leave it at that but that's why this blog is a sufferin'. I'm getting over it though. I've gotten lots of exercise in since the new year began and that helps and feels good too. Hiked a little hike every day so far. I want to lose the baby fat I still have. It's annoying now. It just shouldn't be there this long. Everyone says it's that way until you wean but sheesh. I want to lose it before number 2 (no, there is no number 2 yet :-) comes along.

and this new year's resolution recorded here for posterity:

Enjoy life... try not to take it too seriously, yet be mindful of Allah. I want to refind the joy of life that i used to carry with me everywhere I went. I lost it somewhere and I'm determined to find it this year insh'Allah. That's it for resolutions because everything culiminates into that one thing right now. If I find that joy again, all the other pieces just fit right into place and everything will be groovy.


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