Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cool people

My neighbors are set of them, the rest stink. Anyway, they are in they have children that are older than me but these are the coolest people around here. The man is a president of a university and his wife was a teacher but spends most of her time now golfing - a lot. They dislike Bush, and well, in Georgia, that's enough to bond over because it's such a rarity.
Anyyyyway, their daughter is Bahai and I've been wanting to meet her since they told me about her and did the other day and I just had her over for dinner - just the two of us since her husband isn't here and my hubby isn't home. She wanted to try Pakistani food so I made us a feast and we talked religion and life. She's got three boys. She also told me that her parents are taking a class at their church about Jesus in the Bible. I tell you, they are cool people. I really like them and give them Pakistani food every so often because they love it and she gives me her New York Times Book Review section.

What she was telling me about Bahai's is interesting. It's interesting to me that the part of Islam they adhere to is's that way with Ismaeli's too. I just find it interesting because I get a lot of flack for being Shia and whenever someone actually agrees with Shia ideology, I'm surprised. Other things I found interesting was that pray set prayers with similar motions as Muslims and they fast once a year too but their year is set and their calendar is 16 months long. I think the first thing every new religion does is create a new calendar for themselves. Why is that?

She found me interesting and I found her interesting. It's too bad she lives in Africa because it would be nice to know someone like her here.

In other news, I'm looking forward to a house full of family. My husbands brother and sister and corresponding families are coming so LD gets to see all his Pakistani cousins, aunts and uncles (first ones) for a week all at once. How fun will that be? It's too bad my mil and fil aren't coming too but it'll be fun too see everyone.


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