Monday, December 18, 2006

Weird stuff meme

I got tagged by Maliha and Masooma for this meme. You have to post six weird things about yourself and then tag six people. Be sure to let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I hate noise. All of it. The birds chirping in the wee hours of the morning, snoring at night, silverware screeching against a plate, loud eating, incessant talking during the day. BUT, once i have my coffee in the morning, i love the birds and sounds of nature. I still can't stand the other stuff. Incessant talking makes me dizzy. Seriously. What's really odd is that I talk incessantly lol.

2. I don't like cold cream, fruit from the fridge etc. Mostly because my teeth are sensitive but also because i like warm foods...tea, coffee, comfort food. A pillowy samosa and a cup of tea can make my entire day happy.

3. I hate my hands being cold or wet. I don't really like washing my hands especially as a mom because you wash them a kazillion times a day and they wrinkle up. I hate the feeling of dryness afterwards too. Especially using that nasty pink public restroom soap. I must put lotion on my hands right after washing them or i get a really icky feeling and can't touch anything for some time afterwards. Likewise, i cannot go to sleep until there is lotion on my hands, lotion on my feet and chapstick on my lips.

4. I'm going to duck for this one. I think Bin Laden is hot. On Sept 11, I sat at my brothers house learning about this mysterious man from CNN and I casually said "You know... he's pretty hot. Put him in Western clothes and he'd be a hotty." My brother, in shock, hit my leg really hard - he couldn't believe what I said. But I still stand by it, Bin Laden is hot. He's also very evil but he's also hot. It's the soulful eyes, lips, beard (see next strange thing) and confidence. Put a briefcase in his hand, trim the beard and put a suit on him and I'm telling you, you'll think so too.

5. I've always thought religious looking men were hot (I made Bin Laden seperate than this one because I don't think he is a religious man). I've always thought Hasidic Jews were hot, always loved skullcaps and kufi's, long beards, traditional religious dress, etc etc. I've never though Christians were hot though.

6. I've never liked sweets. I didn't like candy or cake or anything like that as a kid. But after being married, I'm now addicted to sweets and after each meal I need at least something a little sweet. Chai with 3, yes 3, teaspoonsfulls of sugar, a cookie, piece of chocolate etc. I used to hate chocolate btw.

And since I got tagged by Masooma too, 6 more bits of weirdness...

7. I don't remember much under the age of 6/7. Mostly because of traumatic events. I have only have a few memories. One is of my father standing near our schoolbus (we drove it from Oregon to NY when i was about 5) outside the World Trade Center (my dad's girlfriends brother or something worked security at the bldg) telling me how these buildings are very important, that a lot of the world's business occurs in them. Isn't that weird to remember that given that i only have about 8 memories from my youth. I also remember hiding from the Statue of Liberty going from Manhattan to Staten Island.

8. I can't do any one thing at a time. I have to do 3 things at a time. My mind just doesn't work that way.

9. I have theories about everything and in my mind they are facts. I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I get this from my dad because he used to always answer my questions "Think about it." or "Use your head." So now it's ingrained in me so i'm highly logical about things and spend a lot of time thinking about useless stuff. My husband used to think I was giving him facts and then one day asked "How do you know all this misc stuff." I explained that really it was just theories. My theories are very good though even he thinks so. I wish i could come up with one right now as an example but nothing's coming to mind. I should say though I tend to do things the most logical way and it really drives me crazy when people don't do it my way.

10. I can sing Bollywood songs even though I have no idea what I'm singing. There's this one song in Pakeezah that I can hum exactly in that whiney voice she has. It's pretty hilarious. But I can't do it in front of anyone except my husband or child because I feel too self conscious.

11. I'm antisocial. It's just that I'm greedy about my time. I'm very social though when I'm in the mood and love having people over and going out too but i have to be in the mood. It's just when i'm not in the mood, i'm really not in the mood. When people drop by unannounced, it really throws my day for a loop. Today is one of those days.

12. I lived in a schoolbus with my family for a year and a half.

I tag Farhana, Zack, Koonj, Fatima, Baji, and Que Sera Sera


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