Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa in my fireplace

So, I'm sitting on my lovely couch crocheting away as the Little Dude sleeps, dh is away and I hear scratching at what I think is my window. That's not very funny I think but there's also no way I'm going to get up and look out the window to see who's scratching. I'd rather die an unsuspecting death than see the freak that's gonna get me. Yeah, I'm a chicken like that. The scratching stops so I think "hmmm, maybe it was a branch or something". Then more scratching but up high now, it's on the roof. Then i hear it in the fireplace. Sharp scratching sounds against the metal damper. Is it Santa knocking, trying to tell me that the damper is in his way. If so, he's a few weeks early. It stops. Then it starts again. Now I'm annoyed. Then i hear little animal noises. Ahaaaa - there's a squirrel in my fireplace. I don't know what to do. Do I leave him there to starve? Do I let him drop down two stories and possibly get hurt and then run after me, bite me and give me rabies or or or what do I do? I called Animal Control and am still waiting to hear back from them. It's midnight and I'm tired and the scratching goes on. And on. And on.


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