Sunday, January 21, 2007

South African afternoon

My neighbors daughter had left some tea for me -
Rooibos Tea
, which is quite good. She also left some South African magazines and magazines from Kenya behind and her mom gave them to me the other day after Little Dude tore up her flowers during our daily afternoon walk - yes, some flowers are in bloom and trees too because of the warm weather - well until the freeze occured which is sure to mess up spring.

Anyhow, the magazines are women magazines but very different and very cool. One thing I noticed is that there are lots of arts and crafts and even some knitting and crocheting patterns. There are advertisements for yarn too and rice and things that we don't usually see in women's magazines. I truly love one called
Women's Value Ideas
and would love to subscribe to it but I don't know how much R549.73 (the overseas rate) is. The other thing I noticed is the lack of colored people...maybe the different races have different magazines but this magazine was mostly blondes. The South is like that too...everything is organized around race so it wouldn't shock me much. Churches, restaurants, etc. The one from Kenya had more of a mixture of races...white and black but nothing else. Just something I noticed. It was kind of fun to look through the magazines though.


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