Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Little Whining

Me and the Little Dude have been, and still are, extremely sick. Bad stomach virus. He started getting sick the other morning and on the way to the pediatrician I started getting sick with him. Poor hubby had to cancel his flight and take care of both of us which isn't easy because LD was needing to be changed either diaper wise or clothewise every 15 minutes or so. I've never felt so bad - even the time i had salaminilla - however you spell it. This stuff is brutal. We are finally able to eat bread, crackers, applesauce and banana. Poor kid though. For someone who doesn't sit or stop unless he's sleeping he was comatose. Neither of us left the bed the entire day unless it was necessary. I've never seen him so inactive. And then after getting sick he wasn't allowed to eat or drink for two hours and was grabbing at me like "please help me, feed me" - just an awful couple of days. Thank God we're starting to feel better.


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