Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Childhood

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What 5 things do you miss about your childhood?

1. Summer trips to Mom's

My Dad raised me and was strict but each summer I would visit my mom and it was like visiting a friend. We had so much fun laughing, sitting by the pool all day reading Teen magazine and giving each other manicures. Each summer she'd take me to the county fair and we'd ride the rides until we were sick and play games until our arms were filled with stuffed animals. We'd also make our annual pilgrimage to the Oregon coast and fly kites, find seashells and cool pieces of driftwood, and just play in the waves. It is the only time as a kid that i remember actually acting like a kid.

2. Innocence

I miss that feeling of not knowing that the world could be a very ugly and nasty place, that racism, hatred, closemindedness and all that ugliness is there more than we ever wanted to know. I miss loving my country and thinking everyone was good - well except for strangers - those were the only bad guys - well, and parents. ;-)

3. Dreaming

The feeling that anything is possible and believing you can make it come true. Somewhere along the way we lose that don't we. We think "there isn't enough time" or "i'm too old now" or whatever excuse we have. I know i used to want to be an astronaut, a writer (that one worked out), a famous actress, president of the united states - i totally believed i could do it until adults started saying that these are out of my reach. Believing in yourself is harder as an adult than as a kid i think.

4. My sister

My sister died when i was young and i hardly remember her. But i miss her terribly.

5. Riding bikes until dark

I used to love riding around the neighborhood with my brother and our friends all day just exploring. We'd stay out as long as we can. We knew when dusk hit, our fun was over and bathtime and bed was coming.


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