Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nice Husband

My husband is just the best. He took me out of town for the weekend to South Carolina and we cruised around the islands, played some mini-golf in Hilton Head and just enjoyed a nice long weekend together. The marshlands down there are cool and how the islands are seperated by marshes and rivers. Pretty fun trip.

When we got back, he got me a new car. How cool is that? I was very impressed with his negotiating skills. Neither of us are good at bartering and we know it but i think he's been practicing and reading up on how to negotiate because he negotiated a great deal. The salesguy even sent an application with our final offer saying that he was doing a better job negotiating than the salesperson and they would love to hire him. Funny. He did do a great job though. Maybe we'll do okay when we go to Pakistan after all. :-) Funny how when we left the salespeople weren't smiling, grudgingly handed over the car, and really didn't make much of a profit.

Not much else is going on over here. I'm afraid my blog has gotten boring. Been busy working and living. I just don't spend much time online these days. Trying to live more in the here and now and have been. Married life definately changes things and keeps a girl busy.


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