Friday, June 17, 2005

Love thy neighbor...

Ever since i got a wireless laptop (about a year and a half ago i guess) I've wanted to get it set up with a wireless router at home etc but haven't had the time or energy or was just plain lazy. While visiting my brother i got to use it and loved it. I don't understand the speed difference since i'm also using his speed but when i got home i still had it set to picking up all in range wireless connections and well ta da, i have a connection close so it has to be one of my neighbors and i'm using their fast connection and wifi - it rocks. I used to use dial up but haven't since getting back home. I figure if they didn't want people to use it they'd have it blocked or not a open connection right? So for now, i'm just considering it the sharing nature of my wonderful neighbors and loving thy neighbor. How can i ever go back to dial up or non wifi ever again? Can't do it. I'm hooked.


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