Monday, June 06, 2005


Got back home last week after a long and bumpy ride in the most miserable of Uhauls. We had some issues with the move:

1. Uhaul says "we don't have a truck for you - you didn't reserve one." When i show the email with proof they don't "believe" me. Frustration for two days trying to get one...finally do and it's a junker.

(was hoping to at least listen to a book or two on tape but nooooo...bonding with dh was entertainment...not sure for who...poor guy never gets a break from my blabbing...)

2. Storage unit where my belongings have lived for exactly one year. Well DH says he has the keys for the locks after he showed me keys one day and i casually said "those are for the storage" without really looking at them. Anyhow, the storage place can't cut the locks but refer DH and my brother to rent a saw and cut them themselves. Yeah right...that didn't work it. They had to call a locksmith to cut the locks.

SIL and I show up after picking up the kids to watch the guys sweat. :-) The guy is there and DH is paying him and I grumble... "i can't believe we just destroyed two beautiful perfect locks (they really were the cadillacs of locks...after all every thing i owned but two suitcases of clothes and two boxes of books were in that storage). The nice guy gave us a lock...i think out of sympathy for my husband as he probably assumed that he would have to hear from me about not bringing the keys. What a guy. It really was my fault....i do admit.

3. Do these trucks have shocks? Sheesh! Not. We took no detours, no scenic route, no state parks nothing unfortunately.

Anyhow, got back to Atlanta and began the joy of unpacking once again but it felt sort of like Christmas or some gift giving holiday since i hadn't seen this stuff for a year and forgot what i had. My brother did have a good point and now i agree...if i lived without this stuff for a year, i probably didn't really need it. Kinda true but also some stuff i truly did need. The whole reason we went back was for two pieces of paper that i should have brought with me but didn't because i was stubborn.

I got to see some friends and my neices and new nephew which was awesome cuddling with them all (the kids). I wish i coulda saw more of my friends but it just didn't work out. Too much went astray the day we were supposed to leave and we had such a late start i missed out on some but i did have a great time with the others. I really need to visit more often.

This is the shocking thing...i thought i was going "home" but what's weird is that i finally started calling Atlanta home. It really is. Colorado is home in a way to a previous me...the unmarried me. Georgia is home adult life. Even if i don't have as many friends here and don't think it's a hundredth as pretty as Colorado, my home, my dh, my future is all right here...humidity and all.

As I right this the sky is grumbling with thunder too close for comfort and impending rain (it's been rainy, hot and humid for days now) and i hate it but there is a little part of me that revels in the excitement and uniqueness of this place. I am officially a damn southerner. They got me. Time to go eat a peach.


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