Monday, May 16, 2005


Last week was nice. My inlaws are good to be around. The days just go by. I have breakfast which does contain every food group (cereal with almonds and honey, boiled egg, toast with different cheeses and jams, fruit, and then tea. After breakfast we all talk and then my father in law and i will talk some more and have tea. Then my mother in law and i will begin prepping for lunch and father in law will go to the market if needed (markets are much better in canada by the way). Then we make lunch, pray, and then go visiting. We then make dinner, dh comes home from work, and we all eat and talk then have a yummy dessert and stay up late talking. They are good days....especially the ones where we fit in a nap.

Highlights of the week:

* The poetry reading (in Urdu) lunches. Didn't understand but a word or two but from the energy i can tell it was great. A few were read in English and they were awesome but the Urdu ones seemed to get more praise from the others. I guess i should mention that there are famous artists and poets in the family so it's a small intimate group of great talent and all family.

* DH, his friend from his days as a boy, and me went to see the movie Kingdom of Heaven. It was surprisingly good for being about the crusades and pretty fair with the history.

* When my mother in law suggested i make dinner for guests one night. To me this was big. It meant she trusted me to serve food to her friends and for it to be good. I was happy to do it.

* When father in law showed me pictures of DH when he was a

* When i was working on a book review there that i had to turn in and father in law kept checking on me making sure i didn't need anything. Tea? Pani? Is that chair comfortable? :-) I'm so spoiled there.

There's much more but that's the majority of my week. Now we are back home and it's hot and humid....and the air conditioner is not working. It's miserable. I know just a week and a half ago i was saying how i couldn't wait for the heat....well i forgot exactly how hot it got.

Good to be back home though...went for a little dessert and coffee thing yesterday at a neighborhood friends. We actually met them on the street strolling their daughter around. It's funny how we keep meeting people. A house sure does make life more sociable...loving it. We still need to invite friends over. We just haven't been motivated enough to finish getting the house in order...hanging pictures etc. I guess we need to stay home more often to get stuff done. A house, we are realizing, requires constant maintenance and not much time for other stuff. I can't remember the last time we actually watched a movie or played Scrabble or even went for a walk. :-(


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