Friday, April 29, 2005

My Fried Green Tomato Moment

I had an interesting experience at the library yesterday. I felt like i was in the movie Fried Green Tomatos. I went to where the audiobooks are and there was a little old lady there crouched over picking up some wearing a great big straw hat with flowers all over it and bright blue eyes. She looks at me and smiles a great southern smile (which is when you don't know if they are really smiling or sizing you up). She asks if i know how many she can check out...i tell her. And then we just start talking about gardening, families, the south, where i'm from - she tells me how crazy i must be to have left Colorado...such a beautiful state, for Georgia... plain crazy is how i think she put it. I blamed my husband as usual. She said, well he has a great wife. Aw...she's already on my side. We talked some more and after learning that i'm a freelance writer, she asks my fees...that she would like to hire me to write her memoir. I told her i'd think about it and let her know. She then insisted i come see her house and flowers and harps and memorabilia. I can't believe i agreed but the librarians seemed to know her well enough so i crazily went. Nice southern house just a little ways away from ours. Nice flowers and beautiful harps. Boxes of memoriablia...and her son and granddaughter are semi-famous singers. Crazy day. Now i'm trying to figure out how much to charge. She's so sweet and i'll probably enjoy it as much as she. She's a spunky great lady who loves Colorado, gardening, and harps. How cool is that? Oh yeah, she gave me a beautiful rose as a parting gift...and for being such a sweet young lady to such an old one. Awww. I'll post the rose tomorrow.


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