Friday, April 22, 2005


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This is our backyard with its new residents. I was so surprised yesterday to hear some odd noises down below the deck while i was planting some veggies. I found this family of ducks. Six little chicks. So adorable and they've been there all afternoon and all of today. So now our backyard is completely off limits. The bees took over and now the ducks...i like the ducks though. I have been hearing strange bird and duck noises early in the morning the last few days too so some serious wildlife is going on. Anyhow, i couldn't get too close without the mom hissing and don't want to make a protective mom mad but here's a picture of them. This evening they are still there but the mom has the chicks under her wing...literally. The dad is standing watch and the mom has the little ones all bundled up under her left wing. So amazing....

The sad thing is that nature is a circle of life. One of the problems with our lake is the large turtles. They are about a foot long and are strong. Sadly, they take the little babies from the mothers in the water so unfortunately if one survives it will lucky. The neighbors had the wildlife people out trying to catch the beavers and the turtles so i hope these little ones can make it.... i will be crying the day there are only five little chicks and so on.....i guess it's nature but still the heart feels what it feels...


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