Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So much work, so little time. The house is beginning to look like home though. It's awesome waking up every morning to birds which start chirping around 5 am. So much better than the people upstairs walking around in high heels like before. I am LOVING this place and the peace that comes with it. It's very zen.

Atlanta is in full bloom. All the trees have flowers - purple, pink, yellow, white, everywhere. The purple trees that have flowers that kind of look like weeping willows are beautiful. The dogwoods are awesome too. Our own yard is looking pretty colorful these days. For the first time ever though I am having alergies. The pollen is crazy. So think that when you get in your car you have to wipe the windows and the water is icky yellow. When it rains yellow water goes running down the streets and our deck is yellow now. It's crazy!

It's perfect here though at home. I really am loving our new home. I have a lot more to write and will soon. I have a list of things i want to blog in my head and plan to get some on paper soon. My whole week has been filled with arguing with workers who don't speak English which isn't fun. Too bad I don't know Spanish, Vietnamese, Croatian (?).


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