Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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What a weird weekend with that psycho running around. Crazy thing is I actually drove downtown right after it happened thinking that anyone who shoots a judge would have been caught right then and there. Wrong. Typical Georgia - can't get nothing done right. Then yesterday right across the street a guy jumps off the parking garage to his death. They left his body there all day as they don't remove bodies here i guess until the case is closed. Weird. Then i watched the news and learn that Atlanta ranks 90 on the safety level of cities which included quality of life. That makes sense of why i don't like it here. Today i looked online to see exactly where Atlanta ranks and it is the third most dangerous city in the US following Camden NJ and Detroit MI. That's not saying much. Anyhow...it was one of those weekends where i was really hating Atlanta and now i know why i don't like it here. If i got out and met more people i might like it better. I really only know a few here. Those i do know are very cool though.

So...enough of the whining... The good stuff of the weekend. We went and looked at our house and are getting excited about the closing and moving in. We sat in the backyard for a little while looking at the lake and the herons and ducks etc. Our neighbor came out and introduced himself to us and seemed very cool. He told us about the rest of the neighborhood and it seems very diverse. We have two Middle Eastern families (not sure if they are Muslim or not but that be a bonus), one or two desi families, a couple Chinese families, one black family, etc. Sounds good. We drove around the area and found the library and looked around. Found a desi store very close and it was very clean and even had halal meat (it was indian not pakistani) and bollywood rentals. There's also an indian clothing store right there. But this was perhaps the best thing - while in the store, not a single person stared or the usual stop and then stare. They just walked around normal and one woman my age actually smiled at me. Oh my! So much better than the usual one we go to where it seems all talking stops as we walk in the door.

So excited to move in! The flowers and herbs are already sprouting there too. The previous owners have some great flowers and a container garden going. Can't wait to get my tomato plants, corriander, and green chilis going. This house just may make me like Georgia a little bit more. At least the people at the library probably don't stink like the ones do at the two libraries around here do. Not that we are in a bad area...we are just in an urban area and now we are close to the burbs. I never thought i'd like the burbs but i'm looking forward to the comfort of greenery and sounds of nature. No more fire engines for me nor aggravating neighbors. Woo hoo.

Oh yeah...also saw Bride and Prejudice - not your typical Bollywood but it made us laugh out loud. Cute.


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