Saturday, April 23, 2005


Really liking the neighborhood. It's great to have such a diverse one. I've met quite a few people the last few weeks and everyone is so nice. I've never lived in a place where i knew so many neighbors. Kind of odd in a good way. The local library is another great place with nice helpful people. Our neighbors have welcomed us to the neighborhood with bottles of do you decline? But sweetly enough, the ones next door realized that Muslims don't drink after giving us a very nice bottle of wine and came by today with sparkling cider. How sweet is that? Their daughter is Bahai which is interesting. So thoughtful for them to do what they did.

It's a very diverse neighborhood which is cool. I think we have a little bit of everything here. There's every type of church around too. An orthodox synogogue too. When i drive that way it's cute to see all the kids with their yamacas (spelling), earlocks, hats, and stuff. What are the white strings hanging from their shirts signify though? The girls dress modestly...much like Muslims. It's cute to see a two year old with earlocks. We also have our evangelical bible thumpers and every other religion in this one little neighborhood.

For the first time i am liking Atlanta. I'm making peace with the Southerners. Who knows, maybe i'll become one of them after all. I've been watching southern flavored movies and you's not so bad. It's unique here and we probably won't live here forever so i may as well enjoy it right? I've even begun liking some of the food except for boiled peanuts. They do like their pork and alcohol though... Maybe I will become a part of the rebel south. It's so different from everywhere else....a passport really should be a requirement.


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