Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Maybe, just maybe I really am a writer...

While writing articles and stuff I always had a "real" job too and I always considered it what i did, and writing was considered something i did cause it's what i really love but i was always afraid to call myself a writer thinking that i was really a fraud and not really a writer.

Since moving here and giving up the finance career in exchange for a wonderful husband and insh'Allah family, I've only written and not had a "real" job and I've been calling myself a writer but still I felt somewhat of a fraud even if i was getting paid to do it.

Well lately, a couple of really good things have happened that make me feel like I really am a writer. One was getting the cover of one section of a big newspaper and i thought it was really cool to get the feature size slot especially when i didn't think the article was all that good. I wrote it while visiting my inlaws and it wasn't exactly easy to focus away from my normal writing zone - i.e. pajamas, coffee, tv going with a movie in it, and my laptop on the coffee table. I typically write with my favorite coffee mug which my hubby got me. It's a cool cup! I'll blog a photo soon of it.

Anyhow, the second thing that just happened was i wrote an article for a local magazine here and the business i wrote the article about - won't say too much except that it's a great business and something i really support - called me and thanked me for an exceptional an amazingly written article. Their words, not mine. Then I was asked to come in and meet the owners. I did and they thanked me personally and then asked me what it would take for me to write that well for them. Money came up and well like i said i feel like a fraud as a writer for lack of self confidence and so i always give a low amount. Well, they doubled my offer and offered me a summer project job and then some jobs throughout the year.

I couldn't believe it. I really need to have more faith in myself and believe in myself because obviously other people do. Maybe, just maybe I really am a real writer. It's my dream so I don't want to fool myself but when people ask me what i do I'm just going to say "I'm a writer." Period. No add on's to make it sound legit. I have officially reached one goal so now the follow up goal must be obtained. I must get a book published in the next three years.


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