Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Been reading quite a bit lately. Some for work and some for fun but quite a few good ones lately. I recently finished a few by Jhumpa Lahiri... The Namesake was awesome. I also read Interpreter of Maladies by her which i found a bit depressing as a newlywed. I should say I listen to books more than read them since i'm often reading so much for work etc. Right now I'm listening to The Broker by John Grisham which is quite good. Also, Hunter S. Thompson's Hey Rube, and one on language - Ballyhoo Buckaroo and Spuds. I'm also reading two books that i'm reviewing that aren't yet published and want to start Salt and Saffron by Kamila Shamsie since i just reviewed her new book and soon i should get The Kite Runner by Khaled someone on cd from the library.

My husband thinks i'm crazy reading so much at one time but i don't find it hard unless the books are similar in thought or if there are too many fiction ones at a time. How about you guys? Do you read multiple things at once or jump around? Maybe i'm just that schitzo - who knows. What are you reading now and what good books have you read lately?


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