Friday, January 22, 2010

Easy DIY project


A friend of mine has this cool framed bulletin board thing that i really like. She told me where to get one but i didn't like the $125 price tag so went about making one. I did this way back in September, right about when i fell off the blogging bandwagon. Anyhow, everytime i go to my sewing room (these days it's about bimonthly to dump stuff off rather than stick around) i love it hanging there. Now we have two. One for the kid's artwork and one for my sewing room. It's not perfect because my saw stinks and I did it in all of 5 minutes (thinking and planning time not included).

Take a cool old frame (mine's a rummage sale find for $4). It took me forever to find one big enough for what i wanted but finally i did.
Take a bulletin board and cut it to size (you could buy the corkboard but the only stuff i could find was thin and not cheap so i used and old bulletin board i had laying around)
Push it in and hope you don't tear the corkboard like i did in one spot.

Adore what you've just made.


I use it for an inspiration board or a "i-sure-wish-i-had-time-to-do/make-this" board. It'll need a serious dusting off before i tackle anything on there. Seriously, will i ever have time to make things again? How do people do it that have more kids This baby girl of mine does not leave my hip. If i so dare as take a bathroom break i get a verbal lashing. Sigh. I do the mantra of "they are only little for a little while" but it's getting a little old now.


Blogger Muslim Hippie said...

This is Awesome! I would add some fabric over the cork board to give it a kick but it's also pretty as is. You are doing such great job. I think to myself the same, I also have high maintenance kids. i think the trick with having kids and having time, is five minute craft time every day. Also it helps when one lives near family.

12:36 AM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

I thought to do that but i really like it this way for displaying the kids artwork.

1:04 PM  

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