Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy happy joy joy

NOT. I went to the doctor a week ago because i felt funky. Old. Like my knees were aching. Feet too. I chalked it up to one of three things 1) colder weather 2) getting older 3) residual from meningitus i got from West Nile Virus years ago in Colorado. I hadn't been to the doctor forever. Funny once you have kids, you only go for them and forget about yourself. But i figured after years of this knee pain increasing I better go. They drew my blood and i just got the results. I have Lyme's Disease. Not a surprise living in NJ, deer outnumber people here it seems BUT what is really really bothering me is that i need to go on meds for a month, two weeks minimum and they told me i can't breastfeed. This put a pit in my stomach. I nursed my son until he was 21 months. I may just pump and dump for the course of the antibiotics. But my daughter is NOT going to be happy and neither am I. Sucks bigtime. This is our time together. Damn tick. Now i'm thinking that i do need to get both kids blood drawn. I was supposed to do it a month ago but it makes me cringe. I won't even be able to nurse baby girl after that horrible experience. God this sucks.

I was going to post today that my inlaws are coming on Tuesday for 6 weeks so that means you may see more of me or you may see less...i'm not quite sure which.

I was also going to post a very cool two needle pattern for mittens that i've used twice now and love

but that'll have to wait while i figure out how formula works and dig out a breastpump and get some meds etc.


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