Friday, October 16, 2009

need advice

I'm sinking over here and very tired. Baby girl will not sleep in her crib no matter what i do. I wouldn't mind so much except that she's getting exceedingly hard to get to sleep in the bed and Little Dude loses patience waiting and then they both don't end up sleeping and i go nuts. For you cosleepers, what did you do when you have two? She's so active and just doesn't settle down to sleep...takes a long time.

I feel horrible that i let her "cry it out" two days and yes she did fall asleep after 20 minutes but it was horrible. And yesterday i went to check on her after she finally quieted down only to find her with one hand up on the ledge asleep sitting eyes half opened looking through the slits waiting for her momma. Broke my heart. I just can't do it again. Little Dude took to his crib much easier than her. She has refused since birth and i didn't push it but now that she's so mobile i'm scared she's going to fall out of bed and it also traps me in the afternoon. I can't get on the treadmill, i can't take a shower, i can't do much.

It's just not working. I've ordered a sling for my back (because the one i'm making is apparently never going to get finished) to see if that maybe helps, at least let her fall asleep in there and then transfer her to the bed but that still leaves me trapped. I've given up on transferring her to the crib after falling asleep because she wakes up every single time i begin to lower her in. She's got one heck of a sixth sense. I've tried placing a piece of clothing of mine with my scent but that didn't work either.



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