Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The last two weeks i've spent at the preschool tagging stuff for the consignment sale. It's been a good way for me to socialize...something i'm not so great at. I've also seen what has come through the doors. Unbelievable all the new donated items. I'm excited to go to the presale. I never go to these sales but this year will be nice i think. It's a huge sale and i've got my eye on a few kid treasures now that i've seen what's come through the door.

I also volunteered for the Halloween party so it's been busy but the nice thing is that after October i can relax a bit. I plan on staying home while the kid is in school (i've spent the last three weeks not running errands during that time which has really put me behind on some things). I never saw myself as a PTA kind of mom but i think i'm heading in that direction lol.

The other thing is that LD actually said to me today "I love school!" What?!?!?!? What kind of drugs did they drug him with? That's not my kid! I like that he does like it. I think it's the girl he makes goo goo eyes with at school. Seriously. My son swoons over her according to the teachers. Homeschool it will be if he keeps that up lol. I've been looking through homeschool resource books too and really mulling over it all.

What else?

Asian Ladybugs have hatched around here and it's so crazy to see. The windows of our house are covered in ladybugs and there are many that cling on to us and end up in the house. It's such a crazy thing to see.


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