Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time flies!

I don't know where I've been but it hasn't been here.

Just got a book review done that was due. Those wear me out. It's stress that i just don't need but i feel i need to keep doing them so i can keep my contacts. This one was particularly annoying. But it's done. Yay. Back to having free time...what little of that there is with these little people. My baby girl has gotten a big bad attitude with her first birthday. Temperamental little one. She throws food. She shakes her head no if you try to feed her. She only wants to feed herself which limits what you can give her. Not only has she not left our bed, now she insists on sleeping across me so i can't get up. If i dare move she screams bloody murder. Bathroom breaks are not in her vocabulary. I'm worn out and tired and i think i'm close to having no other option than letting her cry it out for a few days to get used to sleeping in a crib. She's just stubborn. Half my day is dragging her down from the stairs. And removing her from the table she climbs up on. Yet she's not walking. How strange is that she can climb tables but isn't walking. She'll take a few steps on the bed and that's also the only place she stands. She's smart like that. Knows it won't hurt.

Anyway. She's feisty. She's a piece of work. And i'm not looking forward to her being two because she already throws some horrible tantrums where she throws things and hits. It's crazy. Big brother never did these things.

You should see me around more although I don't think i'll have any craftiness going on for some time. I'm all about winter cleaning right now. Mostly to protect the littlest one.

I do plan on trying to figure out how to make this (since Garnet Hill's website is down right now) blanket. I so love it. I don't think it would be as hard as it looks and may have to give it a go tomorrow night.

Must sleep. The anarchy continues tomorrow. I must be rested for it. Oh. And Happy New Year!


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