Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have always loved getting mail. My mother and I used to exchange letters when I was a kid and I was always happy when I got a letter from her. I'd take it to my room, read it and cherish it. I kept all of her letters for many years. I still have a box of letters that my mom sent my dad when they were first dating through the birth of their first child, my brother. My dad kept these and passed them onto me some years ago.

I don't know what it is but I love getting mail and when I am expecting a package I get so excited and will keep checking the mail compulsively. In general, I like collecting the mail everyday, just for the possibility of getting a personal card/letter/package or magazine. My husband makes fun of me for it because i do tend to treat as the highlight of my day. Pathetic, i realize, now that i type it. I miss the days when there was more personal mail than bills and junk (pre-email days) though...when letters and postcards came.

This week, I know there are a few packages coming. I'm going crazy looking out the door for a package on my step. How pathetic am i?

***update - package from al-khoei came and I'm so excited that I get to begin reading this book from beginning to end. I've read portions online but now i get to focus on it. After all, it's about my namesake (how i came up with my blog name). My mil, i think, was pleased that i was so happy to receive a religious book lol. It's not a surprise because whenever they come, they comment on my religious "library" and we all read a lot when they are here.


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