Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sleep deprived

I'm soooo tired. LD is being difficult these days. He just won't sleep or nap. For instance, last night he slept from 8 until 1. Woke up around 1 and wouldn't go back to sleep until 3. Then he woke up again at 5 and wouldn't go back to sleep until 7. That means i got even less sleep because i'm up with him and then i can't go back to sleep because i'm uncomfortable because either he's hogging the bed or pulling my hair. He won't sleep alone now and has really bad seperation anxiety. I've given up on the milk thing, that being the least of my battles. But i really need him to sleep at night and to take naps and he won't do either. It all started on our trip and when he began walking good. Right now, he passed out on the floor playing. He won't take a nap but he'll pass out like this for 20 or so minutes out of sheer exhaustion. I don't know if i should move him and risk waking him up but think he'd sleep better in his room although if his head touches his crib he usually wakes up's like he has a sixth sense or something. Or do i leave him sleeping on the floor and pray he takes a good nap. Sigh. This has been going on for two weeks and i'm seriously sleep deprived as is he. His eyes look so tired - the poor guy. Has anyone else gone through this? What do i do???

Bad things from the trip:

-No longer sleeps
-Doesn't like as much food and likes to throw food or shove it in mom's face
-Gets into everything! I say no, he takes it as "go faster, she's gonna get me" and if i pull him away from something he pulls my hair and/or bites my wrist.
-No sleep for mom or LD
-Takes things and hides them from me
-When we got his haircut from a kid's place, they first dropped him on his head and then when we were leaving we noticed a big long scratch/cut across his neck, bleeding enough to form a scab hours later. I felt like such a bad mom because he was fine in the beginning and then things went downhill but i was trying to keep him distracted so they could finish but he was screaming and i couldn't figure out why, then i knew. I was so mad. When they called the next (in fear of a lawsuit i believe) my mother in law gave them an earful, something my mil doesn't do. She said she was going to call the police on them.
-His curls are gone now too. :-(
-Has learned that burping is funny - this one from his cousin

Good things from the trip:

-Says a bunch more words (car, vroom, up, hadi/hathi (either his cousin or elephant in urdu - not sure which since cousin hadi was acting like LD's elephant toy for a couple days), peekaboo, e-i-e-i e-i-e-i without the o singing old macdonald, etc.
-Dances (so cute!). He'll stand there and swing his hips and shoulders. Loves qawali.
-Two new teeth
-Walking like a mad man
-Does the wheels on the bus motions
-Went to the playground for the first time
-Learned how delicious kitchry is
-Ah, and i learned a new dessert (egg hawla), a new dish (tomatar ka salan), and a new way of making rice as well as a new way of making daal.

I'm sure there's much more to tell but with my sleep deprivation, my mind is only half here. Now i must get a few things done before my naughty one wakes up and graces me with his presense.


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