Friday, September 29, 2006

I used to get so much done!

My little one doesn't like naps anymore, nor does he like to be away from his mama, nor does he like me feeding him. Stubborn little man wants to do everything on his own including climbing a mount everest of stairs and doesn't want help coming down. Sigh. I used to have a schedule that looked something like this:

7 - LD wakes up, eats breakfast, plays on own while i clean up
9-11 LD naps
11-1:30 LD eats lunch, we play, etc
1:30-3 - LD naps
etc longer does LD nap like this so i can't get anything done!

I used to do this:

Nap #1: Read Qur'an, get on treadmill and read magazine while on treadmill, shower
Nap #2: Pray, makes his food, make dinner, read, think, etc

Well no longer. I can't get stuff done anymore because he doesn't want to be away from me and he won't nap as well - sometimes i get two short ones, sometimes one long one and sometimes none at all. Seperation anxiety and stranger anxiety have reared their heads over here too and when he's up he no longer plays on his own or even near me. His favorite is when i fold laundry, he likes to unfold it. But he always wants to be right on me, wrapped around my leg, or me playing next to him - no not with him - he's far too independent for that (see how contradicting that is - doesn't want to be away from me but doesn't want me to do anything for him - well except when he's yelling for food as he sees me preparing it - grrrrr). I play with blocks while he plays with something else and when he gets bored with his toy he knocks down my beautiful construction. By the way, i think this is one of the best gifts he got from his birthday: Melissa and Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks - they stack three feet tall and he loves to knock them down and i'll find all sorts of things inside them. He really likes his ball popper too but he likes to stick the pieces from his shape sorter into it. Such a little thinker.

Oh, and here's a tip for moms who have similar kids who THINK they can feed themselves but really just put cereal all througout their hair, on the walls, on the floor, on your hair, and a little itty bit in their mouths. Buy a couple cheapo shower curtains from the dollar store and fold up and put under the high chair. It'll save you a lot of time because you can just pick it up and dump the big stuff, wipe it off or throw in the wash.


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