Thursday, September 21, 2006

I love fall!

autumn in colorado
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Fall is my favorite season. Here's a few things (i'm sure i'm forgetting a million) that i like about fall:

1. Falling leaves
2. Leaves changing colors
3. Brisk cool air with sunshine
4. The smell of the cool outdoors
5. Having a blanket laying around on the couch to curl up in
6. Wearing fuzzy warm sweaters and sweats
7. Hot chocolate
8. Hot apple cider
9. Fall festivals
10. School supply bins (buying school supplies when i was a kid)
11. Kids back at school and seeing them walking to and fro school
12. A break in busyness...time for reading again.
13. Fall foods - squash, apples, pomegranates, etc
14. Thanksgiving
15. Walks in the woods/park/wherever fall is present
16. Comfort foods (after a summer of eating lighter food, it's nice to get to heavier comfort food).
17. Good books and good movies come out in the fall (they plan it that way...summer movies are action for men, cartoons for kids, and silly stuff for teenagers - the good stuff comes out in the fall). I learned that in a college film class.
18. Baking (what is better than the smell of a bread or similar item baking on a cool afternoon???).
19. Crunching leaves, raking leaves, playing in leaves
20. Picking a pumpkin.
21. Autumn door wreaths.
22. Charlie Brown cartoons
23. First snow (in Colorado)... :-( I miss that so much!
24. Ramadan (for now...i know pretty soon Ramadan will be in the summer, but for now it's in the fall and it makes fall nice too.)
25. Long stroller walks with my little dude.

I could go on and on. It's just the best season. Not too cold, not too warm. A dream of mine is to spend a few weeks driving around the Northeast (Vermont, Maine, Mass...etc) to see the changing leaves there. Hint hint hubby. lol.

26. How could i forgettttt - scarves, gloves and mufflers! I love hats and scarves.


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