Monday, September 18, 2006


So LD's birthday party was the biggest party I've ever thrown and it was a lot of fun! I was so busy trying to keep things in line I didn't even get to eat until after everyone left but I think it went well. Everyone loved the food and several asked where I catered it from and a few wanted to use my caterer. When they found out I made all the food, they were so surprised. I always get nervous cooking for desi's that I haven't cooked for before because well, desi's can be quite the critics and tend to look for faults in gori wives - and check to make sure we do everything right.

I made Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka, Dalcha (daal with goat), Bhindi, Samosas, Tomato chutney, Lasagna, salad, and apps. (pepperoni, cheeses, and basil tomato and mozarella sticks - I think that's all. I'll post pics on my food blog soon. I also made a cake and also ordered one because 40+ people were supposed to show up and we didn't want to run out but it ended up being around 30 or so people including kids. The kids were happy with pizza. Most importantly, LD was very happy to get his first taste of sugar. I made a cake just for him and his grubby little hands. He fought bed for a very long time even though he was stumbling all over himself unable to concentrate. I think that's enough sugar for a long while. Everything went well though...the only bad thing is I was so busy with everything, I didn't get very many pictures. Only like ten. :-( I did get video though.

It was fun the morning after to make breakfast for us all. Now that he can have egg whites, I made us scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and cheese and he was able to eat it all with his hands - very important these days since he won't let me feed him with a spoon anymore and his aim with the spoon is quite interesting. He turns one and thinks he can do everything on his own now. Stubborn boy. Doesn't he know he's going to be the only doctor at the hospital who lives at home with his ammi and abu? It was fun cooking the same food for all of us though!

My little dude is now a big little dude! Mash'Allah. One year has passed and he's just a lovely little person. He was so cool during the party - in his own little world really. He's sort of like me that way. It's like he's at the party and a bunch of people are around and has fun playing with the kids and then he finds mom every so often to make sure everything's cool, then he goes off and does his own thing again (usually raiding other people's plates) - like my friend Amber says "You like to cook, he likes to eat, you guys have a perfect relationship." So true!


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