Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Haven't done a meme in a while...from Otowi's blog

Favorite vegetable? That's a toughie but i'm gonna go for the potato since i like it every which way, fried, baked, raw, etc

Gold or silver? silver

What is/are your favorite TV show(s)? Food Network in general, Gilmore Girls

What did you have for breakfast? bagel with laughing cow swiss cheese, strawberries and a little pear yoghurt with flax seeds (that one was little dude's leftovers)

Favorite ice cream? Jake's (place in ATL) animal cookie ice cream

Favorite color? blue then green, then swirled blue and green

Favorite sandwich? Chicken salad with lettuce and tomato or grilled cheese

Where would you retire to? Colorado or France

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night person but being forced to be a morning person

Favorite type of weather? Quiet snow day or rainy day. Colorado has the perfect weather to me. Snowy in the winter, brisk cook in the fall, hot in the summer, and spring is a mixture of it all. It doesn't rain there as much as i'd like it to, but when it does, it's dramatic.

If you had $500 to spend in a bookstore, which section would you head to first? Religion, kids, cookbooks, fiction

If you could be instantly fluent in three languages, what would they be? Urdu, Arabic, French

Which talent or skill did you always wish you had? Photographic memory.

Favorite beverage? tea with lots of sugar

What books are you reading? See my sidebar

Favorite Smells: LD's head...when it's clean, when it's sweaty, when it smells like sweat and suede from his car seat, basically my little dude. Pre-LD: rain, nag champa, autumn, pencil's being sharpened, new textbooks

Favorite Flowers: bird of paradise, orchids, tulips, orchids

Pet Peeves: People who think they know it all. I like people who really do know it all (or at least a lot of it)

What sound or noise do you love? Nature as long as i'm not sleeping. Crashing waves. Walking in snow (that muffled footstep sound)

What sound or noise do you hate? Noise when i'm sleeping, especially snoring. I can hear it rooms away.

Do you think your blogging friends have an accurate image of you? Probably not. Some know me and they do. Since i don't post a lot of personal stuff i don't think people do. They know the good side of me i suppose.

Is there a certain type of blog that you usually read? People i can identify with and people i can learn from

If there was a blog convention and you had the opportunity to meet everyone in blog-land in real life would you go? That would be a scary convention and i probably wouldn't go because it would be too hard to find the people i'd want to meet.

If you went and you were seated at a table for four, which other bloggers would you want at your table? I can't possibly choose four.

Do you share your blog with significant others, family and friends in your real life or is it your little secret? My friends that have blogs know i have one, dh knows i have one, brother knows i have one but i don't think he reads it and that's about it.


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