Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My disappearance

First things first. I hate CompUSA. No, not dislike, actually hate. These people suck and totally lied to me time and time again. Long story short - my computer crashed (not saying how because that's a whole nother depressing story of how stupid i can be at times). I didn't get the stupid thing replaced like they said they would, nor fixed. They offered to fix it for $300. Oh gee, thanks morons, like i will ever spend a cent in your store ever. Ha! So the dilemna was 1) buy the hard drive, try to install it myself or 2) buy a new one. After a week of hating all things computer and seriously thinking of just staying offline, i caved in. I did enjoy my time away and i got a lot of stuff done and cooked a lot and played a lot but then there were nagging deadlines that required a computer. I can't believe they charge what they charge! That's highway robbery. Everyone said "Don't install the hard drive yourself or the operating system. It's too hard." (two people believed i could do it - thanks Eddie and little brother). After looking at the packaging - it said: "Professional installation highly recommended. No instructions or installation software in package." I got a little nervous but i was determined to fix my computer without paying for "labor". It took me five freaking minutes. Well a couple hours if you include all the reloading of software but still i was up and running in about 20 minutes. I can't believe how much they rip people off.

That being said i read a lot of books over my little internet break, Little Dude is not so little and is all over the place which is how i spend most of my time these days - chasing and chasing and well chasing. That and laughing at him. He's so smart! I taught him the hand play "twinkle twinkle little star" and "wheels on the bus" and he does the whole twinkle twinkle little start bit. I can't believe it, i just start saying the words and he does it. Even if it's the instrumental version. He makes me laugh with the wheels on the bus too slapping his hands and cracking up. He now has an absolute favorite book - Good Night Gorilla. He turns the pages fast until he gets to the eyes in the dark and just cracks up laughing. He likes it when we say "uhhhhh oh" - he likes saying it too. It's been thundering a lot lately - the thunder that scares the ibby jibbies out of me - and with the booms he says "uh-oh"'s toooo cute. He's the man i tell ya. I love this kid. It's unbelievable that he's going to be a year old in a few weeks. Downright scary.

I had so much to say but now i forget. Ah well.............


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